Plum brandy with prunes

100% natural homemade plum brandy with full and harmonious aroma made from homegrown plums.

42% alc./vol.
Volume: 750 ml

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Additional description

Plum brandy is a traditional Balkan spirit produced mostly in former Yugoslav countries including Slovenia. In Serbia it is typically served before as well as after a meal for its full and seductive flavour makes it a special pleasure. It is said to open a doorway to heaven. Yet you’d better not enter. Just a glimpse through the door brings you all the joy.

In our farm shop all herbal liqueurs are also available as 40 ml and 375 ml miniatures, which make great gifts, in addition to standard size 1 liter bottles. Our products are completely natural dependent only on the weather and flavours provided by the nature from year to year. Therefore the products may differ slightly from one bottle to another.
"Warning from the Minister of Health: Excessive alcohol consumption causes health problems”.