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Our family has been involved in fruit farming for more than 100 years, whereas spirit distilling goes even further back in time. The last generation has brought together the strength of both men and women. From blending the men’s fundamentals and the women’s essence of life a wonderful line of natural homemade herbal brandies and liqueurs was born. Nowadays we promote the principle of homeostasis which gives rise to a variety of healthy honeys containing herbs and essential oils.


Morning energy smoothie

1 organic banana
3 spoons or organic natural yogurt
½ cup of spring water or homemade apple juice
1 teaspoon of Ghee&Honey turmeric
1 teaspoon of Vanilla honey
½ teaspoon of matcha green tea


Homemade ice-tea

apple juice
any kind of tea (black, green, white, herbal, fruit…)

Good night turmeric milk

Comforting, relaxing, shooting and extremely nutritious antioxidant evening drink.

2 cups of organic milk (or alternative milk e.g. rice, kamut, oats drink)
1 teaspoon of Ghee&Honey turmeric mixture
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon honey
pinch of sea salt


Aromatic winter drink

3 dcl of water
4 dcl fine natural apple juice
1 teabag of Black or Oolong tea
1 teaspoon of honey with Ceylon cinnamon
1 teaspoon of honey with ginger
1 teaspoon of honey with Bourbon vanilla
pinch of organic orange peel, 3 cloves

Gala Dinner Aperitif

Free Willy by Turk
0,3 cl Williams pear brandy Turk
10 cl pear juice  
pinch of Ceylon cinnamon

decoration: a slice of dried Williams pear 



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