Spirit distilling

Harmony of tastes – 100% natural products – no artificial flavours or food colouring

The family secret of spirit distilling has been passed down through generations from great grandfather to grandfather, from grandfather to father, etc. We follow our tradition and continually expand our professional knowledge. Moreover, all our products are externally verified. As a result, quality is assured and progress achieved. Spirit distillation requires some essential attributes:  great precision, attention, diligence in addition to love, joy, and gratitude.      

It is these attributes that truly make the difference between premium homemade fruit brandy, or schnapps informally, and mass-produced spirits. About twenty years ago we were one of the first distillers in this country who started reviving old recipes passed on by our forefathers in addition to putting up our traditional homemade herbal brandies and liqueurs for sale. We have carried on our tradition to this day by developing innovative and harmonic blends of various natural flavours.  

Our products have been sold to all corners of the world, and we have regular customers from European countries near and far, i.e. Austria, France, Croatia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, etc.