Honey with pollen and propolis

Homemade honey, pollen and propolis, raw.

Net weight: 300 g

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Additional description

The chemical composition of pollen depends on the floral source bees gather pollen from. Outside proteins, pollen is also high in amino acids. Out of the 22 amino acids pollen contains 20 of them, all 8 essential ones. 100 g of pollen contains as much protein as 500 g of beef or 7 eggs. 30 g of pollen a day, the scientists concluded, supplies all the body’s protein requirements. Bee pollen is also a good source of vitamins. It is especially rich in three B vitamins, in addition to vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, minerals, traces of elements, and enzymes.    

Propolis is composed of various resins, salivary glands secretions from bees and beeswax that make the substance sticky.  In addition, propolis contains essential oils, pollen, and over 60 other medicinal substances such as flavonoids, organic acids, and other ingredients.  
For easy daily intake of propolis and pollen, a combination of honey, propolis and pollen is an excellent choice. One teaspoon of such a mélange a day will make you stronger and freshen up your body and soul.