Honey with ginger

Homemade honey with 3% organic ginger, raw.

Net weight: 300 g

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Additional description

To get the best effects of ginger.

In Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu medicine, honey is referred to as "Yogavahi” – "a drug vehicle” which has special affinity to potentiate the actions of additionally mixed herbal preparations. It enhances the medicinal qualities of those preparations and also helps them to reach the deeper tissues of the body where they are most needed.

Let food be your medicine, advised Hypocritus. So when you look for food as medicine it is worth reaching for the highest quality. Homemade, local, and organic.

Honey with ginger is great for sweetening green tea or warm lemonade. It works well for fruit or vegetable smoothies. Use it in winter to make superb mulled wine and in summer to enrich fruit and vegetable salads. The uses are virtually endless. For quick results enjoy it by the spoonful.