Fruit brandy with purple coneflower

100% natural homemade fruit brandy with purple coneflower and added decorative blossom.

42% alc./vol.
Volume: 500 ml

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Additional description

It is said that the first fruit brandy was distilled by the Arabs, whereas the Egyptians and the Ancient Greeks were already masters at making it. The consumption of fruit brandy first spread amongst the people during an outbreak of "Black Death" in the second half of the 14th century as protection against the disease. In the olden days almost every farm in Upper Carniola ( distilled its own fruit brandy. Until now, however, only the farms producing high-quality fruit brandy have held out.
This exquisite melange of various fruits from Upper Carniola is enriched by wondrous characteristics of purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea).

In our farm shop all herbal liqueurs are also available as 40 ml and 375 ml miniatures, which make great gifts, in addition to standard size 1 liter bottles. Our products are completely natural dependent only on the weather and flavours provided by the nature from year to year. Therefore the products may differ slightly from one bottle to another.
"Warning from the Minister of Health: Excessive alcohol consumption causes health problems”.