Hunter’s liqueur

100% natural homemade fruit liqueur with green walnuts and natural sugar.

25% alc./vol.
Volume: 200 ml

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Additional description

Among men on the Turk farm hunting has had a century long tradition. And hence comes the secret of preparing excellent herbal bitters from green walnuts and exquisite homemade fruit brandy. The silence of enjoyment of its bittersweet aroma brings the scent of fresh mountain spring air, the rustling of an old oak tree, and you may even hear the breaking of the twigs under your feet. This liqueur is appreciated by all generations.

In our farm shop all herbal liqueurs are also available as 40 ml and 375 ml miniatures, which make great gifts, in addition to standard size 1 liter bottles. Our products are completely natural dependent only on the weather and flavours provided by the nature from year to year. Therefore the products may differ slightly from one bottle to another.
"Warning from the Minister of Health: Excessive alcohol consumption causes health problems”.