Ghee & honey with lemon and lavender

Homemade honey with 20% organic ghee butter, organic lemons and real lavender.

Net weight: 300 g

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Additional description

Sometimes life tastes bitter. However, enjoy a sweet aftertaste of honey with ghee, lemon and lavender, and the skies will clear up and the sun will start shining. Dispel bitter feelings with an exquisite combination of organic lemon and a subtle taste of lavender essential oil. Let the lemon refresh your mind and lavender bring equilibrium into your life. For a nice day every day.

In Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu medicine, honey and ghee butter are referred to as "Yogavahi”– a "a drug vehicle” which has special affinity to potentiate the actions of additionally mixed herbal preparations. It enhances the medicinal qualities of those preparations and helps them to reach the deeper tissues of the body where they are most needed.